The Ordinary Moments

The Ordinary moments

They say a girl can never have too many shoes. For me its cameras! 

For those of you that know me, you’ll have witnessed that I like to share bits (Ok, most!) of my life online. Whether that’s on Facebook as I admit to yet another blonde moment or on Instagram as I share the things I’m seeing and doing. In fact my other half and I even get competitive about who spotted the funky building first before we grab our phones and snap and upload to Instagram.

I look forward to milestones in our family’s life and I get excited at the thought of photographing them. The first trip to the beach, the first solid food, the first day out at the Zoo, I build them up into a big deal in my head and place a huge amount of importance on them happening and then sharing the photos after.

First trip to the beach. If you look closely you'll see the red eyes, the snotty nose.
Bless her, she wasn't on top form.

But now that I'm nearly two years into this ‘being a mum’ malarkey, I’ve come to realize a couple of key things…

1. The Direct Correlation between Parental Anticipation and Event Actuality

This is the technical way of explaining the phenomena I’ve come to experience now we have a little one:

The more we get excited about an event or activity, the higher the chance there is that something will get in the way of it. 

From stomach bugs (her) to Glandular fever (me), a certain ‘Sods Law’ seems to operate meaning that we have to cancel or postpone some of the ‘best days ever’. Or we crack on anyway but its with a slightly more poorly, tetchy little person than we would have liked.

2. The Direct Correlation between Parental Anticipation and Toddler Unawareness.

You see the thing is, at this young an age, none of it really matters!

Realising this has been the key turning point for me. Yes, it’s exciting for the little ones to see things for the first time, but their whole world is exciting. Every day. Regardless of trips to the zoo, days at the beach and trying chocolate for the first time, they’ll find or learn something new every day. And in the case of my little one, sometimes she’s so busy taking in new facts and data that she has the best dead-pan, “Am I bothered’, face. I’ve sometimes had to explain to people that she is really happy with the gift they’ve given/ song they’re singing for her, its just that she likes to absorb everything at her own pace.  The fact of the matter is, it’s irrelevant what I think will be a mind blowing experience for her- she makes her own mind up on that. The thrills, spills and giggles come when I least expect them.

Deep down, she's thrilled to bits to be wearing her new Panda earmuffs.
After taking some inspiration from the lovely Katie on her "mummy, daddy and me make three' blog I thought I should have a think about some of other moments that define our family experiences. In between her other posts, Katie publishes a series of posts called 'Ordinary Moments' So this week I decided that I should  try and capture an ordinary, every day moment. Something that I can look back on 18 years time and have a little smile. 

I took my camera upstairs as she woke up from her afternoon nap. And within 5 minutes I saw the whole spectrum of her personality shine through. When she's a grumpy teenager that hates being woken up, this is what I'll look back on and remember.

What about you? What are your 'ordinary moments' that you'd like to remember?

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